I’m a Product Manager, UX researcher, and Front-End Web Developer

I love learning about business problems and user problems, and then designing users experiences that help both groups of people get something they love.

Work Experience

I led marketing strategy for multiple B2B SaaS businesses, was the first marketing hire at a B2B FinTech SaaS company, taught a digital marketing bootcamp for GrowthX Academy, ran marketing for an event series about startup failure, helped an indie video game developer launch his first PS4 game, and currently mentor startups for the German Accelerator.

Life: I compete against myself

I write about things that interest me. Writing helps me improve my thinking by organizing my thoughts and enables me to better take action on my ideas.

I read many books (over 300 books and counting), recommend the books I like here, and use a system I created to learn more from what you read.

I primarily learn by reverse engineering concepts and validate what I learn through experiments.